Speeding up your Windows PC

Jun 29, 2020 by Kolappan N

Windows can get really slow when you are running it on a budget computer. There are certain things & tweaks than can slightly boost the speed on your PC.

Disable unwanted startup programs

Programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Spotify, etc.. start in along with Windows and run in the background. Even some built-in apps like OneDrive. Cortana, Skype do this. They all occupy your precious RAM and consume data. To disable the startup programs,

Startup programs
Startup programs

Turning off background apps

This only works for apps that are installed via Microsoft Store. You can turn off background activities of an app to conserve power and improve performance.

Sacrificing UI for performance

Certain elements and fancy animations in UI can be turned off in favour of performance.

1. Disabling Transparency

The Acrylic effect of transparency and blur can be disabled in Windows 10 using simple steps.

2. Disabling Animations and Shadows

Things like Shadows under windows, mouse pointers, etc… can be turned off.

Visual Settings
Visual Settings

Reduce telemetry data

This will no have a visible impact. But why spend your mobile data and computer resources for telemetry when they are limited. Windows 10 collects a lot of telemetry data about you and your computer. Here is how to reduce all the telemetry data in Windows 10.

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Go to Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback.
  3. Change the Diagnostic Data to Basic

Disabling Unwanted Services & Programs

Certain Windows services & OEM services can be turned off to improve the performance, but you will need to be careful on what you turn off.

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